Tiny Turtle is a highly experienced and creatively versatile illustrator and designer living in and working from the North East of England. He has a track record spanning decades using both digital and traditional techniques.

Tiny Turtle’s illustrative and design experience ranges from web sites, book covers, books, audio visual media, magazines and beyond have worked for a wide selection of the main UK imprints including the BBC, Fleetway, Panini and Marvel. This experience also covers Graphic Design and Web Site design.

As of September 2015 he is pushing himself professionally into doing more on the illustration side, mainly concentrating on Sci-Fi & Fantasy, producing work for the Doctor Who, Star Wars and Marvel genres’ as well as other sci-fi and fantasy work. 

His work covers a wide range of styles and mediums including paint, pen & ink, pencil and digital.

If you like what you have seen and you would like to commission Tiny Turtle to create some artwork or other design work for you, you can reach Tiny Turtle on 0191 419 2764, by email hello@tinyturtle.co.uk of through the form on this sites contact page.

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