A few musings on the new Doctor Who DVD

So, after more on/offs than a light switch in the hands of a 3 year old, the BBC Finally released The Underwater Menace.

It has fandom in an outrage, the first and fourth parts are, quite frankly, diabolical excuses for a reconstruction. Excellent fan made reconstructions exist of these 2 episodes, and they prove what can be done with a little care and attention.

However quite a high degree of venom has been directed at the person responsible for the reconstructions on this disk, as if it’s his fault. At the end of the day the re-constructor had a brief and a budget to adhere to. It’s even on record in the latest Doctor Who Magazine that he was shocked to learn that the BBC didn’t want him to use the opening and closing credits AND that he just had to use the telesnaps of those 2 episodes in the strict order that they were taken.

So come on people, give the guy a break, he was only doing his job.

As for the story itself…. well,it’s a Patrick Troughton story, he couldmake the telephone directory interesting. So while it’s slagged off as being a turkey, I love it.

Fish people and all!